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Modern vehicles are equipped with an ever-increasing number of electronic functions, this results in a demand for intelligent body control modules. Lumen designs and manufactures a variety of modules capable of monitoring and controlling various electronic accessories in the vehicle. Lumen have the capability to communicate with various vehicle networked systems including High-Speed CAN, Low-Speed CAN, Single-Wire CAN, LIN and UART.

CAN Interface ECU's


Controller Area Network (CAN) is a standard interface used in most vehicles and allows critical devices to communicate with each other. CAN is highly reliable due to a multiple error check system and enables a high data rate of up to 1MB/s. Lumen have the capability to communicate with various vehicle networked systems including High-Speed CAN, Low-Speed CAN, Single-Wire CAN.

LIN Interface ECU's


Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is an inexpensive serial communications protocol that is used for communication between non-critical vehicle components. Lumen have experience with a variety of LIN modules for different applications, such as electric windows, heated seats, electric mirrors. Lumen can communicate on the vehicle LIN BUS via our LIN hardware, or alternatively we can create a ‘listen only’ system to read only from the vehicle. Lumen can also create an interrupt system to modify the LIN data between a node and a device, so the device can be controlled differently from standard, but still be connected to the LIN network.

Waterproof Modules


Lumen have a range of waterproof enclosures which provide customers with flexibility and peace of mind. Mounting ECU’s to protected locations is not always possible or effective, this is where waterproof ECU’s provide considerable flexibility. Enclosures are waterproof to IP67 and feature E-coated stainless steel torx screws to provide a tamper proof seal.

Canopy Enhancements


Lumen’s extensive OEM automotive experience has been utilised in designing a number of intelligent canopy enhancements. These canopy enhancements which include proximity key, auto rise windows, canopy security and touch lighting are all controlled by Lumen’s rear touch pad. The touch pad has inbuilt smart electronics to monitor and control these features.

Advanced Vehicle Alarm


The Advanced Alarm adds a whole new level of security, protecting against threats of damage and theft. Typical factory fitted alarms are generally limited to detecting doors, trunks, & hoods being unlocked. The Advanced Alarm adds tilt & impact detection, enabling an audible alert upon minor physical impact or the car being tilted. Minor impacts such as the door of an adjacent car hitting the vehicle will activate a horn chirp. Major impacts or vehicle tilting (such as vehicle being towed) will activate a continuous alarm.

Custom Switch Controls


Lumen have developed a variety of custom switches over the years. This often involves custom designed plastics and PCB’s to suit customers specific needs. Lumen has previously designed wireless bus stop buttons in an aim to reduce vehicle wiring and off-road time for buses.

Police Flasher Modules


Lumen are experienced in designing ECU’s to enhance or alter a vehicles performance. We provide tailored solutions to emergency vehicles such as headlamp and taillight flasher units. The ECU’s are designed to enable altered performance of the OEM lights on demand.

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