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Lumen’s Engineering Team work closely with customers to develop prototypes, conduct vehicle fitment trials, and design customised product solutions. The broad range of engineering skills including: electrical, electronic, mechanical, CAD design and software allow Lumen to provide a complete product solution. Using 3D laser scanning and rapid 3D part prototyping Lumen Engineering is able to produce concept designs for mechanical parts quickly. These technologies also decrease the project risks involved with hard tooling for moulded parts. Regardless of project size, our Engineering Team pride themselves on being reliable, fast and flexible.

Automotive Engineering and CAD.jpg



  • The ability to provide customised solutions in a fast, flexible, reliable manor

  • Over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry

  • OEM quality regardless of volumes or target applications

  • Ongoing support throughout the life of the product

  • Access to global resources in design, sourcing and logistics

  • A number of design teams working closely together to provide complete white & black box solutions.

  • Various levels of program support including full-time in-house engineering support at customers facility


  • Electrical and wiring harness design.

  • Mechanical brackets and metal component design.

  • Injection moulding, plastics, and custom bezel design.

  • Electronics design.

  • Embedded software design.

  • 2D / 3D CAD, and Industrial Design.

  • Vehicle fitment and integration capabilities.

  • Internal Test Laboratory and validation capabilities.

  • In-house rapid prototyping.

  • 3D scanning.

  • 3D printing.


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