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The automotive industry is constantly evolving due to the rapid introduction of advanced vehicle safety technology. Lumen is at the forefront of vehicle technology and committed to making driving a safer and more pleasant experience through the introduction of vehicle safety systems. Lumen provide a range of vehicle specific systems such as parking sensors, blind spot detection, electric trailer brakes and advanced alarms.

Front & Rear Parking Systems


Lumen has extensive experience in delivering front and rear parking systems. Whether it be a genuine accessory kit or a small-run fleet vehicle solution, Lumen guarantees a quality system. Each kit is specifically designed to suit the vehicles, colour, wiring and styling. Dedicated patch harnesses are used to interface seamlessly with the vehicles electrical system for a plug-and-play solution. Screen integration is also possible and involves park assist information being displayed on the vehicle’s factory screen.

Blind Spot  Detection (BSD)


Drivers missing cars and other traffic in their blind spots is responsible for a large number of accidents and fatalities. For this reason, Blind Spot Detection (BSD) has become highly sought after in the automotive industry. The Lumen BSD System features two 24GHz millimetre wave radars which offer excellent performance in all weather conditions. The compact radars provide Blinds Spot Detection (BSD) & Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). Lumen provide vehicle specific integration kits that include plug-and-play wiring harnesses, vehicle specific radar brackets, detailed fitting instructions and templates.

Electric Trailer  Brakes (ETB)


The majority of SUV’s sold at dealerships have limited towing capacity as they do not come equipped with Electric Trailer Brakes (ETB). Road regulations in Australia restrict towing trailers in excess of 750kg unless equipped with ETB. Lumen’s Electric Trailer Brake Control System releases the full towing potential of the vehicle by taking control of the electric brakes fitted to the trailer. The discrete system integrates seamlessly with the vehicle interior via a small back lit switch. Lumen's system comes complete with brake controller, switch, socket, harness, brackets, & fitting instructions. 

Advanced  Vehicle Alarm


The Advanced Alarm adds a whole new level of security, protecting against threats of damage and theft. Typical factory fitted alarms are generally limited to detecting doors, trunks, & hoods being unlocked. The Advanced Alarm adds tilt & impact detection, enabling an audible alert upon minor physical impact or the car being tilted. Minor impacts such as the door of an adjacent car hitting the vehicle will activate a horn chirp. Major impacts or vehicle tilting (such as vehicle being towed) will activate a continuous alarm.

Central Locking


Central locking tailgates are often not a standard feature on SUV’s. This sometimes leads to theft as users can often forget to manually lock their tailgates. Tailgate locking kits add security and convenience by syncing the tailgate to the vehicles central locking system providing control via the vehicle key. Vehicle specific kits include custom brackets, wiring, fitting instructions and quality actuators.

Video Mirrors


Lumen offer a range of Display-On-Demand Video Mirrors from 2.5 to 4.3” widescreen versions. These are replacement interior rear-view mirrors with the added features of Auto-Dimming and behind the glass LCD reversing camera. Light sensors on the front and rear of mirror are used to adjust the brightness of the LCD when reverse gear is engaged.

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